Media Award

The Women on the Move Media Award recognises the outstanding work of a journalist or producer whose reporting has promoted the protection needs of refugee, asylum-seeking or migrant women, either in the UK or abroad.

The entry can be in the form of broadcast, print or online media, and must be relevant to a UK audience. Its date of publication must be between 1st January and  31st January 2016.

In selecting the winning entries, judges will evaluate the overall merit of the piece, with particular emphasis on:

  • Substance of the coverage: depth of research, analysis and presentation of the information, as well as quality of writing, filming or photography;
  • Interpretation of the issue: ability to present complex topics in an understandable and accessible way;
  • Exposure of new issues relating to refugee, asylum-seeking or migrant women, taking a new approach or exposing an issue to a new audience;
  • Commitment to a long-running issue;
  • The degree to which refugee, asylum-seeking or migrant women are given a voice in the story; and
  • The impact of the piece: the potential for the coverage to catalyze change with the target audience, government or other influential bodies.

Nominations are now closed! The entries will be judged by an expert panel in January 2016.
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