Champion of the Year

This award recognises those who work to protect or promote the rights and/or integration needs of UK-based migrant and refugee women.

Such work may be done in a paid, pro bono or voluntary capacity and may have been carried out over a number of years; however some activity must have taken place in the last 12 months to be eligible.

Champions can be self-nominated or nominated by others. This award is not specifically aimed at the migrant and refugee sector, but instead is designed to celebrate ‘unusual suspects’ – including companies, councils, social enterprises, community groups, firms as well as individuals – who go above and beyond in their work to benefit migrant and/or refugee women in the UK.

Please note, this is distinct from the women or young women of the year awards, as the nominee does not have to be a migrant, refugee or woman.

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Please download the Champion of The Year Nomination Form or fill in the online form below to nominate someone you know.